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Buddha of India was Black. This is why his woolly hair is always shown in corn rows, or in a pepper corn style with small tight curls. Original statues of Buddha depict him as an Afrikan with a wide nose, thick lips and woolly, nappy hair which are distinctive Negroid features. In many ancient temples throughout Asia where he is still worshipped, he is portrayed as jet Black. In most of the ancient temples of Asia and India, statues of the gods and goddesses have Afrikan features with woolly hair in the pepper corn style, while others have dreadlocks. These images of Buddha plainly show him to be Negroid with kinky, coiled hair, a flat nose and thick, full lips.

Thailand Buddha from the 7th centuryBuddha from IndiaBuddha from ChinaBuddha from Vietnam
                               Buddha - Thailand               Buddha – India                   Buddha - China               Buddha - Vietnam

Javanese BuddhaBuddha from JapanBuddha in Japanese temple
                                    Buddha- Javanese                   Buddha- Japan                   Buddha in ancient Japanese temple

Buddha from ThailandBuddha from SiamMassai from Kenya
                                        Buddha- Thailand                       Buddha- Siam                      Massai man from Kenya

Note the ears of this modern Massai man from Kenya in comparison to the Buddhas.

Buddha's ears compared to Afrikan ears

Another Afrikan man's ears compared to those of a Buddha.

The Greek Buddha

There are absolutely no historical records that describe Buddha as Aryan or White, and the only time in history that he changes colour is through a statue like this one which was displayed in Greece.


The first people who conceptualized and worshipped the divine image of the Negroid form of humanity were Negroes who initiated the practice of Buddhism, which became the world's first missionary religion. Buddha was an Enlightened Master from the Sakya clan of the Naga Race, and was the first one to preach the great principles of equality, liberty and fraternity. He caused the Nagas to become conscious of their own mind power as opposed to the mantra power.

Buddhism, whose doctrines include The Golden Rule, was established 500 years before Christianity in the area now called the Middle East (Afrika). Actually Buddha is not a name but a title meaning The Enlightened One, Blessed One, or To Become Awake. Over the centuries, there have been several recorded Buddhas like Gautama, Sakayanumi, and Siddhartha. There were at least ten Buddhas mentioned in the sacred books of India. Black Buddhist missionaries introduced Buddhism to China, Japan and other countries. Under the Black King Ashoka, the religion of this Negro God was spread throughout Europe and into the remotest parts of Britain.

Although Buddhism did not start in Japan or China but on the India Continent, it is recognized and practiced by millions of devotees throughout Asia. Buddhism’s first inhabitants were Black people who had migrated from Ethiopia some 50,000 years earlier and had set up what is known as the Indus Valley Civilization.

There were two types of Blacks from Afrika who created the first civilization of mankind. One was the Nubian, who had broad features and Woolly, Nappy hair, while the other had an aquiline nose with straight hair, who are known as the Dravidian, but both groups were early descendants that came straight out of Afrika.

South Indian manA Southern IndianSouthern Indian girl

Modern Black people of Southern India

These Ethiopian Blacks initiated the first migration out of Afrika, and the next migration was by the Australian Aboriginal. Intermixing between the two groups produced the people of the Indus Valley. Later the Mediterranean Black Mongoloid race also came and intermixed. Together these groups made up what is known as India (which means Black).


During the time of the Buddha 2,500 years ago (500 B.C.), Afrikans were in the seat of world power, but about 500 years ago the Aryans invaded Northern India forcing the native inhabitants to seek sanctuary in the southern parts of India. Battles for supremacy in the Indus Valley between these savage white barbarians and the indigenous Blacks for control of the Black lands lasted for over 1,000 years. Those accounts are recorded in the form of hymns in The Rig Veda, which are really prayers to white gods to defeat the Blacks.

Being unable to defeat the Black Nagas completely because of their advanced military tactics, these nomadic Ayans resorted to corrupting and distorting the Ancient Texts written by the Blacks to create their racist colour caste system as a last resort to dominate the Blacks. This corrupted version of the Black's religion (varna system), ensured their superiority while at the same time suppressed the Blacks in much the same way as their European cousins did later by manipulating Christianity and Judaism to fit their schemes. These uncivilized, nomadic, barbaric tribes of whites who invaded India were in fact originally civilized by the Blacks, but like their Greek relatives, these whites overthrew the Blacks and destroyed their magnificent civilization.

Buddha, Tang Dynasty

Buddha from the T’ang dynasty.

Black women of India

Orissa women from Northeast India. Note the similarity in jewellery worn compared to the Afrikans below.

West African woman wearing jewelleryNdebele woman
                                                 Woodabi woman from West Afrika               Ndabele woman from South Afrika

After defeating the Blacks, the Aryans (whites) instituted the worst kind of inhumanity in human history against this Black group in the form of the caste system, where Blacks were treated worse than animals.

This anti-Black caste system was originally called Brahmanism which is better known as Hinduism, the greatest curse to the Blacks (Sutras) of India. This Aryan Hindu religion, which is a form of approved racism and the source of their devious, oppressive religious beliefs, was designed to control and enslave the mind, body and soul of the indigenous Black people of India who respected all human beings, and assured equal status to women.

Although a type of caste system was already in place before the whites arrived, the Brahmin intensified and exploited it, putting themselves at the top of the Hindu caste system, while “the heavily exploited, degraded, humiliated, slave-like, impoverished so called “Untouchables” who carry the weight of the entire population on their shoulders, are at the bottom rung of this social ladder”.

Indian society consisted of four basic groups.

1. Brahmins (priesthood)
2. Kshatriyas (the warrior class)
3. Vaishyas (the merchant class)
4. Sudras / Untouchables / Outcastes, (the hated ones who refused to compromise or surrender to Aryan dominance).

The outcasts of India consist of agricultural labourers who are segregated in every village.
They are forced to eat the carcasses of dead animals.
They can only eat from broken plates.
They were forced to tie a cup around their necks to catch their spit because it was considered to be contaminating.
They had to tie a broom to their rear ends to cover up their tracks, since crossing such tracks was forbidden and deemed to be polluting.
They could only enter the white neighbourhood at night because their shadow was too defiling.
Blacks had to clean corpses and wear the clothes of the dead.
Their women were relegated to the function of prostitutes.

This racist system goes hand in hand with the Brahmin religion disguised as Hinduism.

Buddha 1st century

Buddha Thailand in the 9th century

In between the wars and the beginning of Brahminism, the Black Buddha and his Buddhist teachings emerged as a type of reformist Hinduism to eradicate this demonic system and teach enlightenment for all. King Ashoka and Buddha fought against this Aryan penetration and racist caste system, helping to bring the Black Naga Indians back to a level of high civilization. However, this reign by the Blacks of India was hindered mainly because of disunity among India's Blacks, combined with trickery and deceit by the Aryan invaders.

Aryans obviously did not practice this Black Buddhist religion, and Buddha was not an Indo Aryan as advocated by World Buddhist leader Daisaku Ikeda. In fact the Aryans despised Buddhism and destroyed Buddhist universities, even murdering Buddhist scholars because it preached equality. Though the caste system was originally based on skin colour, it is not the main problem, since some dark skinned people can be found at the top of this corrupt, immoral, ungodly system. The obstacle was the sanctioned oppression of the Black Untouchables for whom there is no justice, and against whom crimes by caste Hindus go unpunished.

Those whites are erroneously referred to as Aryans by historians, but this is in fact a stolen word from the Sanskrit language of India's Blacks, meaning “Noble Cultivator” or “The Holy”, a title reserved for the Rishis or sages who had mastered the sacred science of Aryasatyani.

While white Christians exploited Christianity and persuaded the Roman Catholic Church to authorize slavery in America in an attempt to show that Black people were lower than the chimpanzee and without a soul, they concealed and distorted the history of this ancient great Black civilization. However, seeing that there was no need for slave labour in India as it existed in America, the White Indians reduced Blacks to an inferior slave position through the Brahman/Hindu religion.

Historians, scientists and archaeologists for centuries have covered up and made insignificant any historical findings that reveal an Afrikan creation or even a connection to many of the world's first civilizations as in Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, Moorish Spain, Shang and Shia China and Mexico.

The denial of the contributions to ancient civilizations and the systematic cover-up is based on upholding the myth that Black/Afrikan people are inferior as is proclaimed in Europe, India and the Americas to justify and make slavery acceptable.

These images below depict how the Dravidians looked, the section of the group that left Afrika to set up the once flourishing civilization along the Indus Valley.



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