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John Moore

In mapping out the genealogies down to Noah, Genesis 5:32 states that he was 500 years old when he begat three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Genesis 6:9 reads, "These are the generations of Noah" indicating that Noah's genes had not been racially mixed at that point but had come straight down, and this is why God said that he was perfect in his generations. The word for Generation in Hebrew is "hdlwt towldah to-led-aw" which means Genealogy or Birth.

Most scholars would like you to believe that Shem, Ham and Japheth, born of the same father Noah and mother Namah, (or through another wife), gave birth to three different races of children.

Genesis 10:6 continues, "and the sons of Ham (Sudan); Cush (Ethiopia), Mizraim (Egypt), Phut (Carthage / Libya), and Canaan" - who was cursed and settled outside of Afrika in the region of the so-called "Middle East". The family is traced through the Bible in an unbroken chain to David, who then violates the law by marrying a Canaanite which was strictly forbidden by God according to Genesis 24:3-4, which issued a command not to marry outside one's own kindred so as not to corrupt the perfect genealogy or the holy seed.

David however violated that law and sinned by marrying outside his tribe as can be deduced from the description found in Song of Solomon chapter 4, where the description changes from Negro to Mulatto as a result of the unholy mixture. "Thou art fair, thy hair is as a flock of goats", (straight and wavy), not like a sheep (woolly and Nappy). Verse 2: "lips like scarlet", or reddish. The description continues in 5:10: "my beloved is white and ruddy", and verse 14 says, "his belly is as bright Ivory". Therefore, when David committed the sin of inter-marrying among the Canaanites, the holy seed became infected and could no longer travel down through Solomon. Ezra 9:1-2.

But Solomon, who had set up Jerusalem, had an older brother named Adonijah (1st Kings 1:5) by David through his Negroid wife Haggith. Adonijah was denied his birthright and was put into exile, but he later set up the kingdom of Judea to preserve the holy seed. Eventually, Solomon and his band forced these tribes that fell under Judah namely Dina, Asher, Dan, Benjamin, and Issachar, to migrate through Yemen into Ethiopia spreading northward back into their original homelands in Afrika. However, some of the tribal members stayed behind and set up Nazareth, Magdella and Galilee where Negroes still reside today.

Black Israelites Current research has revealed through DNA tests taken from the tombs containing the names and bodies of Mary of Magdalene, Martha, and Lazarus, that the people of the village of Magdella where they lived, were Negroes.

The original Biblical Jews and Hebrews were a Black Afrikan people who were ruthlessly persecuted by the white man (Romans). Jesus, a Black Jew born during this time, had predicted that Jerusalem would be overthrown, the Temple would be destroyed, and the Black Hebrews would be scattered abroad. (Matthew. 24:2,15-21, Luke 21: 5-6, 20-24).

The Roman-Jewish War in A.D. 66 marked the peak of this persecution and also the end of the original Black Jews (Israelites) as a nation with about 1.1 million Hebrews slain, causing the entire lake of Galilee to turn red with blood and become littered with corpses. Millions of Black Jews fled to Afrika seeking to avoid destruction, but centuries later, their descendants were captured and sold into slavery in the Americas and the Caribbean bound in chains by slave-traders.

Ancient Israelite - Rome Black Israelite immigrants from northern and eastern Afrika merged with indigenous groups in western Afrika and became the Fulani of Futa Jalon, Bornu, Kamen, and Lake Chad. They also formed the parent-stock of groups like the Ashanti, the Hausa, the B'nai Ephraim, and the Mavumbu or Ma-yomba. However, each of these groups suffered massive population declines during the Atlantic slave trade while others were completely exterminated. Here is an image of what an ancient Israelite from the Roman period looked like.

Ancient Israelite - Rome One of the facts scripture provides about Israel is in relation to their physical appearance, which is described as resembling the sons of Ham (Khawm). Ham (Khawm) means Black, hot and burnt. Israel is being compared to Ham's first born son Cush or Ethiopia in Amos 9: "are you not as children of the Ethiopians unto me, o children of Israel?" God calls the Israelites children of the Ethiopians who are a known Black people. If ancient Israel were a white skinned people, it would have made more sense to compare them to another white skinned nation like the Romans or Greeks. But the scriptures compared Israel to another Black skinned people, being indistinguishable from the native Egyptians and Ethiopians, because Israel was and still is a Black nation. Even Paul was mistaken for an "Egyptian" but declared himself to be a "Jew" . (Acts 21:37-39, 22: 2, 3)

Moreover, ancient secular historians like Tacitus agreed on the physical appearance of the Hebrews, stating that it was the general opinion among the Romans that the Jews "were an Ethiopian race".

Ancient Israelite - Rome Tacitus also explained that the Hebrews were actually Egyptians who had left Egypt during a disease outbreak. In Roman times, Palestinian-Israelites were classified among Black Afrikans because it was practically impossible to differentiate between them.

The name Hebrew was inherited through Abraham, ancestor of the Hebrews, who dwelt in the land of Ethiopia-Canaan. (Genesis 13:18, 14:13, 1st Chronicles.11:3-6). There were two tribes, Benjamin and Judah of the Ethiopian-Canaanite-Israelites that had inherited the name "Jew". (2nd Kings 16:6; 18:26, 28; 25:25). See also (Joshua 15:20, 54; 18:21; 28).

The terms Jew and Gentile cover all the people on the earth. "Jew" in a metaphorical sense represents all Negroes who are symbolically called Sheep, and Gentile represents all straight haired people who are symbolically referred to as Goats (Romans 9:24; Daniel 8:20-21).

John 10:27. "My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me". Matthew 25:33. "And He shall set the sheep on His right hand, but the goats on the left".

According to Genesis 9:25, Ham's son Canaan received a curse which caused all their lands, identity, and language to be given to the Israelites through Abraham. (Genesis 12:5-7).

Genesis 9:25-27: "And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren. And he said, blessed be the God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant. God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant”.

Genesis 12:5-77: "And Abram took Sarai his wife, and Lot his brother's son, and all their substance that they had gathered, and the souls that they had gotten in Haran; and they went forth to go into the land of Canaan; and into the land of Canaan they came. And Abram passed through the land unto the place of Sichem, unto the plain of Moreh. And the Canaanite was then in the land. And JAH appeared unto Abram, and said, unto thy seed will I give this land: and there builded he and altar unto JAH, who appeared unto him".

Ham's other son Japheth also had sons (Genesis: 10:7) who intermixed and produced a foreign race into the Negro Race known as the Gentiles or Goyim (verse 5) which translates as heathens. They are referred to as the people of Javan, Japheth's son, which is translated as "Ionia" or "Greece". So the Greeks, according to the Bible, were the original Gentiles or nation other than the holy seed or chosen people.

God warns the Gentiles not to boast against the natural branches (Negroes), unless they (Gentiles), from the wild olive tree are taken out of the natural olive tree, which symbolizes the Negro family, (Romans: 11:16-25).

Black Israelites These extracts provide enough evidence to show that the ancient Israelites were a Black nation, but further proof will show that from the beginning of their history they were a Black skinned people starting with the Patriarch Abraham, the father of the Hebrew Israelite nation. (Genesis: 14:13).

Abraham was a native from Ur of the Chaldeans (Genesis: 11:31), which is the country of Iraq. Archaeological discoveries have shown beyond doubt that the earliest inhabitants of southern Mesopotamia were Negroids.

According to Sir Godfrey Higgins a reliable English archaeologist, Freemason and Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, "The Chaldeans were originally Negroes". Professor Rudolph Windsor also writes, "The Chaldeans and the other People of that region were Jet Black in their complexion".

In that region the average temperature is around 125 degrees, so this means that the people from that part of the world need to have large amounts of melanin in their skin to absorb the ultra violet radiation from the sun. This in itself should confirm that they had to be a very dark skinned people. So, for Abraham to have come from that part of the world, would mean that he also had very dark skin.

Black Iraquis_Basra This was borne out by those soldiers who were fighting in Iraq near the area from which Abraham originated. Some of the white soldiers were so badly burnt by the sun’s rays that they were hardly able to walk and in most cases had to use special coverings for protection.

The soldiers have also reported that the natives there are Black and resemble Black-Americans. In other words, most of the people from the Iraqi town of Basra are Black skinned and look like present day Afrikans.

This is what Dr. Charles S. Finch III, M.D. had to say on the subject, "we know from the fate of albinos all over Afrika that unprotected skin (light skin) is subject to grotesque, disfiguring cancers that are soon fatal. Melanin is the substance that gives the skin a dark brown or Black pigment by absorbing ultra violet radiation and scattering the ions produced in order to protect the skin from cancer".

Black Israelite slave in Egypt Biblical history records that the descendants of Abraham, namely Jacob (Israel) and his twelve sons and their wives, 70 in all, migrated from Canaan to Egypt, and during their sojourn, the Children of Israel multiplied from that family of 70 to a nation of well over 2 million people by the time of the Exodus. To produce this massive number of people in such a short space of time could only have been made possible through intermarriages between the family of Jacob and the native Black Egyptian population. Each one of Jacob's sons became a tribal nation which made up the greater nation of Israel. They were Reuben, Dan, Simeon, Gad, Levi, Asher, Judah, Naphtali, Zebulon, Joseph, Issachar and Benjamin. Here is an image of captured Hebrew Israelite [slave] found in ancient Egypt, 100% Negroid.

Zondervan Bible Dictionary about Ham Ham's sons and their descendants, the Ancient Egyptians, Ethiopians, Somalis, Canaanites, and so on, settled in and around the Afrikan continent including the so called Middle East, which is part of the Afrikan Continent. The Israelites were the descendants of Shem; Noah's other son through Abraham, who is the father of Isaac who is the father of Jacob who had the twelve sons that became the ancestors of the Israelite nation. According to the Zondervan Bible Dictionary, “Ham, the youngest son of Noah….and one of eight persons to live through the flood. He became the progenitor of the dark races: not the Negroes, but the Egyptians, Ethiopians, Libyans and Canaanites". (Genesis 10:6-20).

Jacob's favourite son, Joseph had stirred up jealousy and animosity among his other brothers, resulted in him being sold as a slave to the Egyptians by Arab merchants.

With the passage of time Joseph became the Governor of Egypt and second in command to Pharaoh. Pharaoh had a dream that foretold of a coming famine which Joseph was able to interpret, giving Egypt the opportunity to make preparations to store up food. When the famine came into existence where Jacob and his other sons lived, he sent ten of his sons to Egypt to buy bread, and when they arrived in Egypt they were brought before Joseph who immediately recognized his brothers, but they, on the other hand, did not recognize him. (Genesis 42:1-8).

Movie_Joseph As the biblical Egyptians were a Black-skinned people and not white like the person portraying Joseph in this photo, there is no doubt that Joseph was also Black, because if he were white like the world's Jews are today, his brothers would have easily recognized him from among the Black skinned Egyptians, or at least be a little curious to find out why a white Hebrew was ruling in Black Egypt. But his brothers simply thought that Joseph was just another native Egyptian.

Furthermore, in Genesis 50: 7-11, all the Hebrews are described as looking like the ancient Egyptians as pointed out after Jacob had died and all the Hebrews and Egyptians went down to the land of Canaan to bury him. (Genesis 49:29-30).

Verses 7-8 states that "all the elders of Pharaoh's house and all the elders of the land of Egypt along with all the Hebrews, went down".

Verse 9 says, "It was a very great company".

Verse 11 says, that the Canaanites saw the funeral procession and proclaimed, "this is a grievous mourning to the Egyptians".

It was a mixed gathering of Hebrews and Egyptians going to bury a Hebrew, yet the Canaanites identified both groups as Egyptians simply because the Canaanites saw a great number of Black people who all looked like native Egyptians. In short, they mistook these Hebrews for Egyptians.

Again, if the Hebrews were a white people as we have been misled to believe, the Canaanites who were familiar with both the Hebrews and Egyptians would have acknowledged them by saying something like, "this is a grievous mourning to the Hebrews and the Egyptians", since the white Hebrews would have stuck out from among Black Egyptians.

More evidence can be gathered from the story of Moses. After the Hebrew population in Egypt had rapidly grown since the death of Joseph, they were no longer seen as friendly neighbours but as hostile enemies by the Egyptians who then decided to enslave them. Because of their population growth, the Egyptian Pharaoh issued a decree that all Hebrew males under the age of two should be killed (Exodus 1).

Moses was a Hebrew from the tribe of Levi (Exodus 2:1-3) who spent 40 years in the House of Pharaoh (Acts 7:23) where he was raised from an infant as his grandson at the time when Pharaoh had declared that all Hebrew males should be killed at birth, (Exodus 2: 6, 10). If the Pharaoh were a Black-skinned descendant of Khawm / Ham and the Israelites were white, how could Moses secretly survive in the Pharaoh’s house among Black-skinned Egyptians for 40 years masquerading as Pharaoh's grandson without being discovered? This was only possible to pull that off because Moses was also Black. In the same way a Canaanite could not tell the difference between the Hebrews and the Egyptians, neither could Pharaoh make that distinction, otherwise Moses would have been killed when he was an infant.

Seti 1 wall painting Rameses II It is claimed that the Pharaoh who was on the throne of Egypt at the time of Moses' birth was Pharaoh Seti I on the left, the father of Rameses II - the pharaoh of oppression - on the right.
Moreover, after issuing the royal decree himself to kill all Hebrew males, how could Pharaoh face or rule over his people if he knowingly had a white Hebrew baby living under his nose who had all the rights and privileges as his own family? Moses could only have survived for 40 years in the palace of the Pharaoh because he too was Black like the Egyptians.

Hollywood's version of Pharoah This image highlights Hollywood's misinformation about what the Hebrews and ancient Egyptians looked like in the movie "The Ten Commandments". This is Hollywood's corrupt idea of what Pharaoh Seti I looked like.

Moses had later killed an Egyptian whom he saw mistreating a Hebrew, and when Pharaoh heard about the incident he wanted to kill Moses. As a result, Moses was forced to flee from Egypt for his life Exodus 2:12-15). He journeyed to the land of Midian (Saudi Arabia) where he chased away some shepherds who were bullying seven girls, and helped them to water their flock. The sisters related what took place to their father when they returned home, stating that an Egyptian had saved them and watered their flock. (Exodus 2:16-19). Here, Moses a Hebrew was being described as a Black-skinned descendant of Ham, an Egyptian.

King tut statue
This is a statue of King Tut as a boy which was discovered in his tomb among many of his treasures in Egypt during an archaeological excavation in 1922.

King tut reconstruction King tut reconstruction These are pictures of a reconstructed image of King Tut which were featured on a Discovery Channel programme. The image was put together from the skeletal remains of the King using forensic science and sophisticated computer programs. The facial reconstruction of King Tutankhamen based on the CT scans of his mummy, have produced images very close to the young pharaoh's ancient portraits, and even bears a strong resemblance to the golden mask of King Tut found in his tomb.
Again these images show that King Tut and the Egyptians of biblical times were Black people.

Queen Nefertiti This is also a recently reconstructed image from the skeleton of the ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, who was one of the most famous queens of Egypt.

The same methods used to reconstruct King Tut were used to create this image of Queen Nefertiti, also revealing that she too was a Black skinned Afrikan woman.

Further proof that Moses was Black-skinned can be found in Exodus 4:6-7 where God is demonstrating miracles to him so he can prove to the children of Israel that he was sent by God. Moses is instructed by God to put his hand in his bosom, and when he takes it out, it becomes leprous, as white as snow.

Moses_movie If Moses were a white man to begin with, what would have been the fascination of turning his skin from white to white? But, since Moses and the rest of the Hebrews were a Black skinned people, this would have been a very powerful miracle indeed to turn the Black skin on his hand to white.

In verse 7 God told Moses to put his hand back into his bosom, and when he takes it out, it turns back like his other flesh, clearly showing that the rest of his skin colour had to be the opposite of white, that is, Black. This is another of Hollywood's inaccurate depiction of Moses. (For obvious reasons this miracle could not be performed in the movies by a white actor).

From what the historical records have shown concerning the physical appearance of the Hebrews, it is clear that this Hollywood portrayal of Moses is extremely inaccurate, and could only be interpreted as racist distortion.

In Verse 8 God states that if the Israelites do not believe in the first sign of Moses' rod turning into a serpent, then they will believe in the second sign which was the changing of his skin colour from Black to white. God is clearly stating how powerful the second sign is, that it will make a believer out of the stiff necked Israelites. Exodus 4: 8 reads, "And it shall come to pass, if they will not believe thee, neither hearken to the voice of the first sign, that they will believe the voice of the latter sign".

Closer depiction of Moses According to the scriptures, history and archaeology, this image represents a more accurate portrayal of what the Hebrew Prophet Moses would have looked like physically – as a Black man.

In Numbers: 12-1, Miriam and Aaron, (Moses’ sister and brother), spoke out against him because he had married an Ethiopian woman, not because she was Black, but because she was from a different nation. This act angered God who as a result punished Miriam by turning her skin tone “leprous, white as snow” - that is, from Black to white. Again, if Miriam, a Hebrew, were white, what would have been the fascination in turning her white as opposed to Black, as is falsely argued to be the case in relation to Canaan's curse.

It is an established fact that the Bible always mentioned leprosy in the context of the skin turning white because of a disease, or in relationship to some specific wrong doing. If Israel were a white skinned people in ancient times, why do the scriptures only speak of them turning white or becoming white with leprosy in reference to their skin colour?

In one case it was incitement to rebellion by Miriam, Moses' sister in Numbers: 12: 1. "And when the cloud had departed from above the Tabernacle, suddenly Miriam became leprous, as white as snow".

In another instance it was sacrilege by Uziyahu, king of Judah. 2nd Chrononicles: 26:19. "Then Uziyahu became furious, and he had a censer in his hand to burn incense; and while he was angry with the priests, leprosy broke out on his forehead".

On another occasion it was because of covetousness on the part of Gehazi, a servant of prophet Elisha that caused him to become cursed and transformed to white for lying to Elisha when he took money and gifts from Naaman the captain of the Syrian Army. (2nd Kings 5:27). "Therefore the leprosy of Na'aman shall cling to you and to your descendants forever. Then Gehazi went from Elisha's presence and he was leprous, as white as snow".

Paul In Acts 21:37-39, it states that the apostle Paul was being led into a castle by a chief captain. Paul began to communicate with him in Greek which left the captain in shock as he discovered that Paul was able to speak in Greek. The captain asked Paul, "are not you that Egyptian"? to which Paul responded, "I am a man of Israel (Hebrew)". In order for the chief captain to mistake Paul for a Black Egyptian, Paul had to have the physical appearance of an Egyptian, which was also the case with the entire nation of Israel as the scriptures indicate. Paul made it clear to the captain that he was an Israelite, which demonstrates that it was practically impossible to physically tell the difference between a Hebrew and an Egyptian or Ethiopian.

Acts 21:37, "And as Paul was to be led into the castle, he said unto the chief captain, May I speak unto thee? Who said, Canst thou speak Greek"?
38"Art not thou that Egyptian, which before these days madest an uproar, and leddest out into the wilderness four thousand men that were murderers"?
39 "But Paul said, I am a man of Israel (Hebrew) of Tarsus, a city in Cilicia, a citizen of no mean city: and, I beseech thee, suffer me to speak unto the people".

White Jesus Another example is borne out in the story of Joseph, Mary and Jesus who were told to flee to Afrika, not for military protection since at that time Egypt was a Roman province under Roman control, but because Egypt was still a Black country populated by Black people. So Joseph, Miriam and Jesus would have been just another Black-skinned family among other Negroes in as they sought to hide from Herod who wanted to eliminate baby Jesus. If Jesus and the other Hebrews looked like these pictures of the Christian Christ who is depicted as a white man, it would have been impossible for Him and His family to conceal themselves among Black Egyptians without being easily detected. But since both the Hebrews and the Egyptians were Black, it would have been impossible to identify a Hebrew family from among the Black Egyptians based solely on skin colour.

False depiction of Miriam Closer depiction of Miriam Therefore, Mary would not have looked like the woman on the left, but, according to the scriptures, history and archaeology, more like the image on the right as this presents a more accurate description of what the Hebrew Israelite Mary would have looked like, a Black woman.

For more confirmation regarding the colour of the ancient Israelites, Acts 13:1 states, "Now there were in the church that was at Antioch certain prophets and teachers; as Barnabas, and Simeon that was called Niger, and Lucius of Cyrene, and Manaen".

In Greek and Latin the word Niger means Black and it is still used today when referring to Negroes and Moors. Cyrene is a city in Libya, North Afrika, and historians and scholars both agree that Cyrene was an area heavily populated by Black people during Biblical times. Cyrene is also the place where Simon, the Black man who helped Jesus carry His cross came from. (Matthew. 27:32, Mark 15:21, Luke 23:26).

Keep in mind that the Hebrews were not dealing with any other people or racial group during that time outside of scattered Israel. Acts 11:19 says, "Now they which were scattered abroad upon the persecution that arose about Stephen travelled as far as Phenice and Cyprus, and Antioch, preaching the word to none but the Hebrews only".

This was before the apostles' ministries to the Gentiles started, so the question is, why were these "Black" men there if the Hebrews were a white people? They were Hebrews just like Paul who was also there in the church with them at Antioch. Remember that Paul was mistaken for a "Black" Egyptian. Niger and Lucius were prophets and teachers, and as the scripture points out, all the prophets and teachers were Hebrews or Black people.

Based on the evidence provided this far, it should be sufficient to show that Jesus, His disciples, relatives, prophets, teachers, and associates like Mary of Magdalene were all Black people.

Dread locks Also, in many places throughout scriptures, references are made about the Israelites who wore their hair in long locks similar to this Jamaican Rasta.

Numbers 6:5, "All the days of the vow of his separation there shall no razor come upon his head: until the days be fulfilled, in the which he separateth himself unto the Lord, he shall be holy, and shall let the locks of the hair of his head grow".

Judges 16:13, "And Delilah said unto Samson, Hitherto thou hast mocked me, and told me lies: tell me wherewith thou mightest be bound. And he said unto her, if thou weavest the seven locks of my head with the web".

(19) "And she made him sleep upon her knees; and she called for a man, and she caused him to shave off the seven locks of his head; and she began to afflict him, and his strength went from him".

Ancient Egyptian in locks False depiction of Samson Ancient Egyptian in locks Afrikan hair in its natural state is like the wool of a lamb, and if a Black person does not cut or comb his hair it will eventually lock together forming huge matt's all over the head, which can produce seven or more locks comparable to those which Samson wore. Samson never cut his hair, but allowed it to grow until it formed into locks. On the left is an image of an ancient Greek man with locks, and on the right is an image of an ancient Egyptian descendant with locks, followed by an actor who played the role of Samson in a movie. According to the information provided, Samson could never have looked like the image of the actor on the right, because if Samson were a white man then his hair would have grown long and straight without locking together, but according to the scriptures, Samson, a Black Israelite, had seven locks which clearly indicate that he was of the Negroid stock.

Jesus in early Roman church Jesus is called the Lamb of God according to the Bible, with His Woolly, Nappy hair compared to lamb's wool and His feet to the colour of burnt brass as if they burned in a furnace. This image of Jesus was found in the catacombs of Rome.

This information has been deliberately neglected, suppressed, and distorted within European and American historical texts which are usually flavoured with race prejudice and hatred. Modern history books intentionally de-emphasize and leave out the history of the kingdoms founded by the ten tribes of Israel such as Phoenicia, Carthage, Scythia, and Parthia for example, while at the same time advancing in the most eloquent terms, the modern history of white empires.

The main goal is to reconstruct everything Afrikan into a European context and then provide Black people with a fabricated history about themselves. In order to hide the truth, libraries in Egypt [Afrika], Mesopotamia [Afrika], and Ethiopia [Afrika] were sacked, looted and burnt to the ground. Compared to the growth of the fabricated, philosophical, Greco-Roman theories and distortions, the original Afrikan truths were subtly replaced by myths based on these so called "new European revelations". This act has continued throughout the centuries with Greece and Rome spreading propaganda, followed later by Germany and England, with America also coming on board to help enhance the “de-Afrikanization” of Black history, culture and truth.

For over 200 years, white scholars and historians who have been seeking to discredit the Afrikan legacy have attempted to shift Black people out of Egypt, remove Egypt from Afrika and Afrika from world history. They began teaching that Egypt is in the Near East, the Middle East, the Mediterranean and even in the Fertile Crescent, while at the same time calculatingly refusing to teach the world that Egypt is and always has been on the Afrika Continent.

When Europeans gained complete control of the Afrikan scriptures and perfected the printing press, an organized plan to exploit the concept of racial distinction within the Afrikan Family was initiated with the idea to suppress and eliminate the truth concerning the Afrikan Bible.

White publishers have been controlling everything written and taught about Afrika, including the publishing of books which taught that the Ancient Egyptians were a white race. But as soon as Black people began to publish their own work and promote their true history, suddenly the white world became interested in setting Black people straight by insisting that the Ancient Egyptians were neither Black nor white, but more like the Arabs of today. The fact of the matter is that the Arabs invaded Egypt long after the Ancient Egyptian civilization had collapsed and faded away by the 7th Century A.D., therefore they have no more claim or connection to Ancient Egypt as the Europeans have to Ancient America.

Below is a series of images related to one Egyptian family to show the Blackness flowing through the lineage. This is a part of the family tree of Queen Tiye and her husband Amenhotep III, who are the parents of Pharaoh Akhenaten. The first image shows Queen Tiye and Amenhotep III seated together, followed by a close up of Queen Tiye, and then her husband Amenhotep III on the right.

Queen Tiye and Amenhotep III Queen Tiye Amenhotep III
Here is their son Pharaoh Akhenaten with his wife the famous Queen Nefertiti followed by a stone carving of her, next to her reconstructed face which was put together using forensic science and advanced computer programs, with Pharaoh Akhenaten on the right.

Akhenaton and Nefertiri Nefertiti Nefertiti Akhenaten
Below are two of Akhenaten and Nefertiti’s daughters. The first one is that of Meritaten, and the other image displays another daughter which is carved into a temple wall. Note their hair styles which feature the popular corn row style.

Meritaten daughter of Nefertiti and Akhenaten Another daughter of Nefertiti and Akhenaten




If the original Jews were Black, where did these Caucasians who now call themselves Jews come from? There are two main types of white Jews, the Khazars and the Edomites who are the descendants of Esau.

Esau was the albino, fraternal twin brother of Jacob who was the father of the original Black Israelites. Genesis 25:25; "And the first came out red all over like an hairy garment; and they called his name Esau".

The Edomites (Idumeans) were in constant battle with the Israelites, and they even fought against them during the Roman-Jewish War. The Khazars were a fierce, warlike, nomadic people of Turkish stock who originated in Central Asia, and are the descendants of Esau's grandson Amalek.

The Khazars invaded Europe and stretched their empire west into Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, south to the Caucasus Mountains, east to the Ural Mountains near Russia, and north close to Saint Petersburg. Map of Khazaria
Their thriving empire was however located between two major superpowers, the Eastern Roman Empire in Byzantium (Christianity) and the followers of Islam. The Khazar Empire, now representing a third force, recognized that it could only maintain its political and ideological independence by not becoming subordinate to the authority of the Roman Emperor or to the Caliph of Baghdad, so it rejected both Christianity and Islam.

The Khazars, who were a Pagan civilization and spoke a Turkic language, initially believed in Tengri shamanism and brought their religious practices with them, which was an admixture of phallic and other forms of idolatrous worship that was practiced in Asia by other Pagan nations.

This form of worship triggered perversion and immorality which Khazarian King Bulan could no longer tolerate, so in the 7th century he decided to put an end to this phallic practice and all other forms of idolatrous worship, and to make one of the three monotheistic religions the new Khazarian state religion.

After a historic meeting with representatives of the three monotheistic religions, King Bulan adopted and embraced "Talmudism" as it was known then, [Judaism now] as the new state religion thus becoming Jewish, but this group clearly did not originate from the house of Israel and were not the descendants of Abraham.

King Bulan and four thousand of his feudal nobles were soon reformed by these rabbis, and almost immediately afterwards phallic worship and all other forms of idolatry were prohibited.

The Khazarian King invited many Rabbis from Babylonia to come and open synagogues and schools to instruct the populace in the new state religion, then ordered his subjects to follow in his footsteps. This was how Judaism became the official state religion of the Khazars who currently make up 90% of the “so-called” Jews of today.

When King Bulan was converted in the 7th century he ordered that the Hebrew characters which he saw in the Talmud and other Hebrew documents should become the alphabet of the Khazar language, and after converting to the laws and statutes of Judaism and learning Hebrew, the Khazars settled in regions throughout the north Caucasus and the Ukraine.

They studied the Torah and Talmud, learnt to speak and write in a form of Hebrew, observed Hanukkah, Pesach and the Sabbath, practiced circumcision, and adopted Jewish names.

The Khazars converted to Judaism as a political move, labelling themselves as Zionists and "Jews" to deceive the world while they advanced their plans for global and political dominion under the cover of this adopted state religion.

The Khazars quickly developed a desire to possess a national Jewish motherland, an idea which took the shape of a Messianic type movement in the form of a Jewish Crusade promoted first by Solomon Ben Duji, a Khazar Jew, who then proceeded to communicate with all Jews from neighbouring nations with the intention of forcibly suppressing the Palestinian people.

The Khazars convinced themselves that they were entitled to Palestinian land which their ancestors have never owned, possessed nor occupied previously. But with the help of a flawed decision by The United Nations in 1947 to divide up Palestine, the Khazars were able to proclaim themselves the State of Israel, and proceeded to randomly confiscate territory belonging to those who had legally owned and occupied that land for thousands of years. So the United Nations, through a violation of their own charter, were responsible for the dispossession of more than 4,000,000 Palestinians in order to create a new nation which did not have any ancestral or existing rights to that territory. From that point onwards there has been conflict in that region.

But according to Arthur Koestler a “Jew”, such a right “is not based on the hypothetical origins of the Jewish people, nor on the mythological covenant of Abraham with God; it is based on international law.

There was not a single Khazar who had any ancestors who had ever set foot on that land either from the beginning of time or during Old Testament history, yet they sought and received support for their armed insurrections in Palestine against the Palestinian people.

According to Koestler, it was no "accident" or "coincidence" that the Khazars chose Talmudism from among the three prominent religions of the day: Islam, Christianity, and Talmudism which is simply another term for Pharisaism. Remember what Jesus said to the Pharisees: "You are of your father, the Devil".

In Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, he said he knows the blasphemy of those calling themselves Jews and are not, recognizing that there will be other groups impersonating the true Jews.

Revelation 2:9, "I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan".

Revelation 3:9, "Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee".

Groups like the Khazars, Edomites and other racial groups make up modern Jewry today, although the Black Hebrew-Israelites are the true descendants of ancient Israel. But this is a well-kept secret.

The Hebrew-Israelites are not known to the world as true Israel because they were scattered throughout the four corners of the earth as a consequence of slavery, resulting from their refusal to keep God’s laws, statutes and commandments.

Information collected from Jewish documents on "The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews" by the Nation of Islam, reveals the massive Jewish involvement in the Atlantic slave trade.

These "Jewish" slave-traders are the counterfeit Jews or Khazars, the despised, white Khazars who usurped the real Jews after learning all they could from them before replacing them.

Some historians now recognize that the majority of eastern so-called Jews are really Khazars who have no Semitic roots at all. They are impostors; however, previously suppressed information is fast emerging about this war-like tribe of whites that rose to power in Eastern Europe who were actually hated by the other whites they conquered because of their brutal, vicious treatment towards them.

These historical records make it clear that the majority of white European Jewry are not Hebrews in the biological or ancestral sense but are the descendants of those who converted to Judaism during the Greco-Roman and Mediaeval periods.

Professor Roland B. Dixon states emphatically that "The great majority of all Jews (Ashkenazi) to-day are 'Semites' only in speech, and their true ancestry goes back not so much to Palestine and Arabia as to the uplands of Anatolia, Armenia, the Caucasus, and the steppes of Central Asia, and their nearest relatives are still to be found in these parts to-day".

Caucasian Jews are not from the lineage of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but are rather a religious fraternity that adheres to the ethnic tradition of a people whose origins are inextricably linked to Black Afrika.

The majority of the so called Jews in the world who are of Eastern European descent shows that their ancestors came from the Volga, from the Caucasus region once believed to be the cradle of the Aryan race but not from Canaan. They are therefore more closely related genetically to the Hun, Uigur, and Magyar tribes than to the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

However, all Jews that lived in Europe were not Khazar coverts, although 90% of them were. There were still some original Afrikans who lived in the environs of the Caucasus besides others who had migrated to the Black Sea long before there was a Caucasian.

False representations of ancient Egyptians The Khazars who lived throughout Europe quickly became the new models for religious icons and images created during the middle ages. They had reasons to misrepresent the truth so as to develop white supremacy which they reinforced by inserting pictures of themselves throughout the Bible, on religious calendars, and by producing lily-white television programmes and religious movies. As a result, this present generation assumes without any facts whatsoever, that the ancient Hebrews were white, even though the original icons which portrayed the Hebrew Israelites, showed them to be Black.

These whitened false images of the Israelites may also have emerged because of the racial prejudices exhibited against the Moors and other Blacks who ruled Europe at various times. Septimius Severus, a Black descendant of the Phoenicians and a general in the Roman army, was assisted by Black fighters under his command in 193 A.D., who conquered Rome during the Dark or Middle Ages, taking control of Europe which was once held by whites, and placing that power into the hands of Black rulers who ruled in different areas of Europe at different times during the Middle-Ages. As a result, European hatred and resentment towards Black people started to grow because of this action as pointed out by David MacRitchie: "The Black giants of the Welsh, and other tales, are hateful and horrid. The Welsh Black Oppressor and the "Black Knight of Lancashire" are fierce tyrants, the cruel foes of all white people".

Because of this, anything that opposed European ideas or belief was now negatively linked to the colour Black, such as Blackmail, Black sheep, Black market, Blacklist, Black out, Black magic, Black Death, to mention a few. Even the idea that sin is Black implicitly leads to the misconception that God is white, therefore Satan must be Black.

Yet the Black people, who are now rejected because of their Black skin and Woolly hair, are the very people who gave the world its arts, sciences, language, and those civil and religious systems that still govern the world today.

It must therefore be made clear that any colonial education will attempt to completely destroy a people's belief in their heritage, language, unity, original names, and in themselves, because they will begin to distance themselves from their culture while determined to identify with all that is foreign or alien to them because of the foreign educational system.

By the way, the word "Semite" originates from the Latin prefix semi which means half Black and half white or mulatto, though Black is still dominant genetically speaking. The Semitic came into being as a result of crossbreeding between the Black inhabitants of the holy land and the white northern invaders. While many Semites like the Jews and gypsies have mixed so much with whites that they have now forgotten or simply deny their Afrikan roots, racism and white supremacy will not let them forget this no matter how light-skinned they become. This was evidenced when Hitler authorized their destruction because they were classified as a non-white people who originated in Afrika. Even the word gypsy means out of Egypt.

According to the scriptures, the Lord will call his people from the North, South, East and West to return them to Israel. Many in most of the political, Zionist and Christian circles believed this took place in 1947 when Israel, a land without a people, for a people without a land, became sovereign, but this prophecy is yet to be fulfilled.

The prophecy of Ezekiel: 37 talks about the spiritual resurrection of the people of Israel who will be perpetually betrothed to their God in truth and in righteousness.


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